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There is an orientation meeting for parents at the beginning of each year to explain the child's day, review school policies, and discuss any concerns parents may have. Montessori World schedules parent education workshops throughout the year.

Montessori World follows the tenets of Dr. Montessori by offering a truly child-centered and multi-sensory environment. The curriculum, classroom, and teacher's role are carefully designed to honor self-paced growth while encouraging group awareness and social cooperation. Each Montessori class operates on the principle of freedom within limits. Every program has its set of ground rules that differs from age to age, but is always based on the core Montessori beliefs, that is, respect for each other and for the environment. The Montessori materials allow concrete manipulation of objects that are multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting in nature, and hence facilitate the learning of skills as well as abstract ideas. Additionally, they offer a built-in "control of error" which provides the learner with information as to the accuracy of his response and enables him to correct himself.

Primary Program
Offered during the academic year are; half-day (8:30-11:30), full-day (8:30-2:30) and extended-day (7:00-6:00) on a 5-day a week schedule for children aged 2.6 years to 5 years. Primary class is taught by a Montessori certified teacher, Montessori interns and/or assistants. Classes have mixed-age groupings, allowing younger children to learn from the activities of older ones, and providing the older children the opportunity to teach and nurture the younger ones.
Kindergarten Program
For 5 to 6 year old children. These programs allow the children more time to reinforce and refine their skills. Advanced studies and projects are planned for each week. The children move through the major curricular themes from concrete presentations towards greater depth, detail, and abstract understanding. Self-directed learning and fostering of a positive self-esteem are elements of MW's program that impact the child' future learning and adaptation to other educational environments.
Summer Program
Introduces children to the basic philosophy of Montessori Education in a mixed age setting. Montessori World's summer program offers Spanish studies and includes individual free-choice and group-learning activities in addition to theme-based projects, arts and crafts, science and nature study, field trip, outdoor play, music and movements. Our summer program differs from our school-year program in that it offers a more "play"-oriented environment.